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kibris-trafik-cezalariNorthern Cyprus traffic is very similar to United Kingdom. You drive on the left side of the road and steering wheel is on the right side of the car. This system is valid since from the British colonial in North Cyprus. Only difference is, in England the road signs are in miles and kilometer roadsigns are used in North Cyprus. 

If you want to rent a car in Northern Cyprus, mainly you need to know about traffic fines;

TRNC rental vehicles and traffic fines, car rental agreement by the name of the person to pay the penalties and monitoring. it is the responsibility of the renter. Written in your name if you leave the country without paying traffic fines, penalties paid until final payment tarihinini multiply exponentially and communicated to you by your next visit will be charged. These penalties are usually a fixed speed camera fines video, rental otoyu using a cell phone conversation, not wearing safety belt, parking penalties for drunk driving and improper use. Traffic fines you need to know about the main briefly as follows;

Northern Cyprus in general speed limits of 50 km in residential, place of residence is outside the 65 km. The speed limit for vehicles in the hall outside the city, 80 km and 100 km, respectively. There is a fixed speed cameras are placed in a specific video and more about the case before the signposted speed limit specified by taking pictures of the vehicle passes the necessary administrative units. Fixed video-velocity radar speed penalties in the event of appeal with pictures taken by the camera can be proved.

Is not allowed to park on double yellow color of the line when it has been identified by the police and the criminal are written.

You can rent the TRNC alcohol limit when driving a "0" is determined as normal limits. For this reason, do not use alcohol to take car rental. Drunk Driving fines are quite high, but also the driver 's license confiscated.

Cyprus rent a vehicle using a mobile phone and talk. If, by police officers on patrol, you can write a traffic ticket.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is compulsory to wear seat belt while driving. Seat belt on city roads and roads between cities should keep on at all times, including.

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