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1. North Cyprus Hotel Car Hire
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... to discover the island, the most easy and economic way for this is to rent a car in North Cyprus. Trip Rent A Car has a free delivery service to all hotels and holiday villages. We are happy to meet your ...
2. Nicosia Car Hire
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There is no hotel or resort in Nicosia, close to the sea. Here, the hotels often serve business and leisure guests came to the island. Middle-class, ...
3. Northern Cyprus Rent A Car
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
...  As a north cyprus rent a car company, we are always aiming the maximum satisfaction of our customers. In order to provide this, we are trying to expand all over the north cyprus island as our main office ...
4. Northern Cyprus Car Rental
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... north cyprus island as our main office is in the Kyrenia City center and we have brunch office in Famagusta and we also provide 24 hour road side assistance. One of our staff is always ready to meet our ...
5. Northern Cyprus Car Rental
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... Cyprus Rent A Car As a north cyprus rent a car company, we are always aiming the maximum satisfaction of our customers. In order to provide this, we are trying to expand all over the north cyprus island ...
6. N. Cyprus Traffic Speed ​​Cameras
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... you photograph Ercan Airport you shall be notified by the immigration police. Communiqué of traffic that you can not pay a fine off the island. The penalty may be paid to the nearest police station. If ...
7. Airlines flying to North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... to time by sea air ticket is possible to find even more economical. Flights from Turkey to the north of the island, except for the lack of a direct flight, transportation, a little bit of zorlaştırsa ...
8. Hotels in Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... is preferred by the tourists coming to the island. Gazi Magosa'daki All the hotels are close to the sea and most of the long and sandy beach. The Salamis Bay Hotel Famagusta in the image to the right is ...
9. North Cyprus General Information
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
Cyprus is a paradise island of incomparable natural beauty and full of unique historical treasures. Those who have visited North Cyprus is going to remember an island of golden beaches, brilliant weather, ...
10. How to visit Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
FLIGHTS TO CYPRUS There are flights to Northern Cyprus from over 30 UK airports. Most airline companies flies into either Larnaca Airport or Paphos Airport on the South side of the island. In  ...
11. North Cyprus Beaches
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... pointing to a small sandy beach, articles good can not be selected, not so easy to transport and infrastructure, for reasons perhaps not the best but it is still the most beautiful beach of the island ...
12. Northern Cyprus History
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... The Templars sold the island to Guy de Lusignan, whose heirs hung in for three centuries, repressing the culture and orthodox religion but doing wonders for the economy. The Venetians took over in 1489, ...
13. Economy of North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... easing of travel restrictions between the two parts of the island in April 2003 enabled movement of persons (almost seven million crossings to date) between the two parts of the island with no significant ...
14. Nicosia
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... is in the centre of the island, in Mesaoria plain. This geographical position has defined the destiny of Lefkosa as the economic, political, and cultural centre of the island. Nicosia hosts the main ...
15. İskele
(About Cyprus/Locations)
...  Iskele in the city of Larnaca on the island’s south coast. Iskele is an important tourist centre where green meets blue on a 25-km-long coastline. The people of Iskele are hospitable folks, very interested ...
16. Güzelyurt
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... and local consumption. The town, located in the west, is surrounded by extensive citrus groves, which makes this area the greenest on the island. The reason for this is the abundance of water running ...
17. Activities in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... of the island covering the walkways. Mountaineering Sports Association Tel: 0533 851 1800 North Cyprus Paintball If you want to add fun to your holiday in Cyprus, and if you have come to your family ...
18. Karpaz Peninsula
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... Karpas covers a substantial part of the island and extends to 80 kilometres in length and up to 20 in width. The TRNC government have declared that only certain designated areas can be used for development ...
19. Why Trip Rent a Car?
(About Us/About Us)
... work focused on 100% customer satisfaction. 7/24 uninterrupted car rental service ... Cyprus car rental company serving the industry, providing car rental services anywhere across the island. Ercan ...
... which has a car rental service all over the North Part of the island including Ercan Airport. We are in car hire sector in Northern Cyprus since 2002. Trip Rent A Car, North Cyprus Car Hire Company has ...
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