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1. Ercan Airport to Kyrenia
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... circle (hub) flat pass. Your two-lane overpass will encounter on the road after driving for about 2-3 miles. The top of the left side of the road before the gate "Nicosia" going back to the right direction. ...
2. Rent a car in Northern Cyprus
(North Cyprus Car Hire/North Cyprus Car Hire)
Northern Cyprus Car Hire cyprus car rental Cyprus car rental ercan cyprus Ercan Airport cheap car hire in Cyprus girne car rental Nicosia cyprus car rental TRNC car rental rent a car ...
3. Nicosia Car Hire
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. There is no hotel or resort in Nicosia, close to the sea. Here, the hotels often serve business and leisure guests came to the island. Middle-class, ...
4. Car Hire in Famagusta Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... or the villages around the town. However there are a few private transport firms providing inter-city transport on Famagusta - Kyrenia and Famagusta - Nicosia routes. But there is no transport from the ...
5. N. Cyprus Traffic Speed ​​Cameras
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... you wish to receive traffic appealed his sentence, the sentence can be proved with the picture you station in the center of Nicosia. As of 05.01.2012 the monetary penalties and points are as follows: ...
6. North Cyprus Road Map
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
Nicosia Kyrenia   Famagusta İskele / Boğaz   Güzelyurt (Morphou)  ...
7. Casinos in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... DEE EUROPEAN CASINO TEL: 0392 366 12 10 Kaya Artemis Casino TEL: 0392 630 60 00 Noahs Ark (Noah's Ark) CASINO TEL: Casinos in Nicosia; PALACE CASINO TEL: 0392 228 53 50 CASINO ROYAL CITY TEL: ...
8. North Cyprus night clubs
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... Nicosia, Famagusta and Kyrenia are located on. Locations outside the settlements. Most night clubs in Nicosia - Morphou is located on the main road. There is no access to this area for any full service. ...
9. Hotels in Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... and Casino Hotel is located in Kyrenia. There is the city of Nicosia, close to the sea, to the sea coast and beaches where there is no hotels. More Hotels in Nicosia for business people, and the casino ...
10. North Cyprus Photos
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
Kyrenia Photos Nicosia Photos Famagusta Photos cyprus/kyrenia cyprus/nicosia cyprus/famagusta  ...
11. Restaurants in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
Kyrenia Restaurants Famagusta Restaurants Karpaz Restaurants Nicosia Restaurants Güzelyurt Restaurants • Niazi’s Restoran - Girne Şehir Merkezi  • Passport Restoran - ...
12. Things to Do in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... again, one of the most popular beaches of Kyrenia Escape beach can also swim and cool off in the summer to arrive here. Then, Nicosia - Kyrenia, Saint Hilarion Kale'sine you can go on the highway entrance. ...
13. Ercan Airport
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... company. This company, Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta, Cyprus in Lefke and Morphou limited hours of 5 regulates mutual expeditions. KIBHAS detailed information about departure times can be found at ...
14. Northern Cyprus Map
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
Cyprus Map Famagusta   Kyrenia Nicosia   İskele Güzelyurt  ...
15. Nicosia
(About Cyprus/Locations)
Nicosia, or Lefkoşa (called so by local Turkish Cypriot population), is the capital and the largest city of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is situated at 35°10' north, 33°21' east, which ...
16. Activities in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... be booked in advance. Places to play paintball in Cyprus Paint Zone (Nicosia) Tel: 0542 889 27 41 Paint Ball Bar in Cyprus (Famagusta) Tel: 0533865 61 91 The Sunset Club (Girne) Tel: 0533 ...
17. Banking North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
... Garanti Bank also has very useful internet banking system. HSBC North Cyprus HSBC is known as the world's local bank, to be here in North Cyprus. Turkish Bank has a several branches in capital Nicosia, ...
18. North Cyprus
(About Us/About Us)
... Cypriots on the South. The Green Line (border) runs through Nicosia (Lefkoşa), the capital of both South and North Cyprus, making Nicosia a divided capital, separating the North from the South. At present, ...
Since 2004, when the Republic of Cyprus joined the EU, it has become much easier to cross the border between Northern Cyprus and the south. The border crossings are Metehan in Nicosia, you can cross this ...
... will see a signposted to Lefkosa/Nicosia. Follow the way towards left to join another dual carriageway which goes to Nicosia. This is the main road which runs between Nicosia and Famagusta.   After ...
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