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Since 2004, when the Republic of Cyprus joined the EU, it has become much easier to cross the border between Northern Cyprus and the south. The border crossings are Metehan in Nicosia, you can cross this ...
42. Villas In North Cyprus
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There are variety of villas in Northern Cyprus both for rent and for sale. If you want an independent holiday, then you can think about renting, top quality, self-catering villas in Northern Cyprus. Most ...
43. Hotels in North Cyprus
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There are every kind of hotels, bungalows and villas in Northern Cyprus for holiday. Hotels are operated with full service in summer. While many associate the area with luxury and paradise, there are still ...
44. Flights to North Cyprus
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... They have great internet offers at a certain period of the year.   Turkish Airlines are the national airline company of Turkey, with scheduled flights to North Cyprus via Turkey.   All Northern ...
45. Night Life in North Cyprus
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... local Cypriot cuisine on your North Cyprus holidays. Northern Cyprus has everything to make your holidays perfect. It suits all tastes and that is why our customers return year after year. Many of them ...
46. Cost Of Living
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When comparing with the most Western European countries, the cost of living in Northern Cyprus is still remain much lower. The main costs are electricity, water, council tax and petrol which have considerably ...
47. North Cyprus Driving
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In Northern Cyprus, driving is on the left hand side, just like in UK. Driving is the most common way of transport in North Cyprus as the bus and shuttle services to many of the remote areas of the country ...
48. Useful Information in North Cyprus
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When you are dialling from a mobile phone in Northern Cyprus, you have to enter the code 0090 392 followed by the required local number. İf you dialing a mobile number you have to dial 0090 533… or ...
49. North Cyprus Accomodation
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... good value, you will pay less and get good Accommodation in Northern Cyprus. Most of them are just near the beach. North Cyprus is about 4 hours away from London. You can fly to Northern Cyprus via ...
50. Northern Cyprus Cities
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Famagusta Walled City, North Cyprus. Famagusta in Northern Cyprus is a fascinating medieval walled city with oodles of charm and there is are lots to explore. When you enter the city you can’t miss ...
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