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3. Security Agreement
(Rental Policies/Rental Policies)
On the sensitivity of our visitors privacy is important to us. Trip Rent A Car Ltd Privacy Policy information on this page is located. Information We Collect: Booking information of importance to the ...
4. Daily Car Hire in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... for those, who would like to visit Northern Cyprus for short term visit such as 1 or 2 days, for private or business reasons. Trip Rent A Car Ltd located in Northern Cyprus will provide customers with ...
5. Car Hire Kyrenia in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... for you, whether it's Golf, Football, Sailing, Canoeing, Scuba Diving, Horse Riding or Paragliding. Renting a car in Kyrenia, is the most economic way to visit all the attractions and enjoy the activities ...
6. Car Hire in Famagusta Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... sea, and you can climb Othello's Tower, and view the sea from the top of Famagusta's walls. Places to visit in Famagusta • Arsenal (Martinengo Bastion) • Canbulat Tomb & Museum • Cellarga Mass ...
7. Traffic Fines in Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Car Hire In North Cyprus)
... if you leave the country without paying traffic fines, penalties paid until final payment tarihinini multiply exponentially and communicated to you by your next visit will be charged. These penalties are ...
8. Kyrenia Harbour
(About Cyprus/Locations)
North Cyprus Kyrenia Harbour is the focal point of the town. Every single tourist visits Kyrenia Harbour when they are in North Cyprus. It is the meeting point of locals. There are restaurants and ...
9. Casinos in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
Casinos in North Cyprus tourism is highly developed in recent years. For this purpose, a large number of tourists have been visiting Cyprus. Next to the casino customers from abroad in order to gambling, ...
10. North Cyprus General Information
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
Cyprus is a paradise island of incomparable natural beauty and full of unique historical treasures. Those who have visited North Cyprus is going to remember an island of golden beaches, brilliant weather, ...
11. How to visit Northern Cyprus
(About Cyprus/North Cyprus Guide)
FLIGHTS TO CYPRUS There are flights to Northern Cyprus from over 30 UK airports. Most airline companies flies into either Larnaca Airport or Paphos Airport on the South side of the island. In  ...
12. Things to Do in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... in Cyprus car rental can be made with the most economical way. Trip Rent A Car Rent A Car company in North Cyprus, all the beauty of this historic works and cozy, comfortable and hassle-free to visit ...
13. North Cyprus Beaches
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... "Turtle Project" caretta caretta hosts, and (sea turtle) is a special area of ​​spawning. 20:00 behalf not to disturb the turtles at the beach closed to visitors who are given detailed information about ...
14. Kyrenia
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... traveller or regular visitor to North Cyprus. The horseshoe harbour with its bars, restaurants and colourful yachts dominates the town and is the heart of Kyrenia for both tourists and local alike. ...
15. Nicosia
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... white visa slip with your name, passport number and nationality, then you will be allowed to pass. Places to visit in Nicosia • Arap Ahmet Mosque • Bedesten • Dervis Pasa Mansion • ...
16. Famagusta
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... can climb Othello’s Tower, and view the sea from the top of Famagusta’s walls.   Places to visit in Famagusta • Arsenal (Martinengo Bastion) • Canbulat Tomb & Museum • Cellarga ...
17. İskele
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... visitors cruises along the eastern coast of North Cyprus. In the municipal park of Iskele, locals and tourists stay up until the break of dawn singing live music, enjoying the sweet times past in North ...
18. Güzelyurt
(About Cyprus/Locations)
... down from the Trodos Mountains, which lie, to the south.   Places to visit in Guzelyurt • Guzelyurt Museum • St. Mamas Monastery Places to visit in Lefke • Soli • Vouni ...
19. Activities in North Cyprus
(About Cyprus/Cyprus Travel Guide)
... and ponds organizes various tours. Cyprus holiday, especially In the spring, however, that in Cyprus vacation unforgettable memories of visiting horses of various sweet smell of flowers will remain. Riding ...
... whether the purpose of your visit to Northern Cyprus is leisure or business. North Cyprus Car Rental When it comes to rent a car in Northern Cyprus, Trip Rent A Car is the premier car hire company ...
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